OLTREILGIARDINO is the perfect partner for the customized organization of any event: from a product presentation, to the planning of a catwalk show, to the structuring of the most appropriate company stand for a fair, to the design of a meeting or the preparation of a set. Our Business is specialized in providing advice, products and services from the concept to the post-event phase. It also offer the possibility of having customized products that makes the event unique and tailored for every need.



OLTREILGIARDINO exchanges views with its client in order to plan in advance and in detail the best executive strategy for the complete success of the event


OltreIlGiardino offers advice in terms of style, defining with each client the perfect atmosphere for the event to be organized and characterizing it in a unique way.


OltreIlGiardino supports its client in the research of the perfect location for the event, cooperating with several expositive locations, villas and vintage palaces, for weddings and so on


OltreIlGiardino offers a complete service and rents and transports the chosen furnishings and accessories for the event to the chosen location.


OltreIlGiardino assembles and disassembles every event, providing on-site technical assistance. It maintains partnerships with designers and international companies leader in the furniture sector in order to ensure to each client the best equipment.


The graphic rendering of an object or an architecture allows the assessment of its aesthetic and its functionality within a space before the real production of a project.

3D rendering represents one of the key services provided by OltreIlGiardino. It’s purpose is to guide the client through the vision of the event with the aid of the most modern computer graphics.

Starting from the preliminary elaboration of a scene, the rendering stage is able to add texture, lighting and position to the objects in space, creating a complete image that represents the installation to be carried out. Everything according with the needs and the expectations of the Client.

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